Adopt a School
2021 Competition has ended, look forward to having you participate in 2022.

The JSE challenges you to make a difference!

For 42 years the JSE Investment Challenge has been helping to educate school learners about the intricacies of investment on the stock market with the idea of securing a better future for the children of South Africa. In 2002 we realised that in order to achieve this goal and broaden our reach we needed a little help and that is why the Adopt-A-School programme was born.

A programme that works…

The Adopt-A-School programme invites businesses and individuals to help schools from previously disadvantaged communities with a sponsorship that will enable them to compete on an equal footing with learners from more privileged schools. This sponsorship costs a mere R2 500 (incl. VAT) but the benefits are anything but meagre. It includes:

  • Entry fees for six teams (24 learners), and
  • Access to financial literature for the duration of the Challenge

Sponsors are also encouraged to take their relationship with the schools beyond that of a monetary one but also mentor and support them. In so doing the relationship becomes invaluable.

As many schools participating in the Challenge are not 'computerised' the JSE welcomes any 'Retired' PC Technology that companies are willing to donate. We will arrange and manage the logistics of delivery, training, internet access, and ongoing insurance of the personal computers.

A programme that makes a difference…

For many years the world of investment was the domain of a privileged few. But now that the economy has opened up to include individuals from all walks of life, programmes such as the Adopt-A-School has become vital in giving each learner a chance to take advantage of the opportunities available to them today. The Adopt-A-School programme holds enormous promise for the ongoing upliftment of social and educational standards. In line with the government's stated focus on the improvement of educational standards in the area of science and technology, the JSE believes that the Challenge is of equally significant value in the advancement of a more commercially oriented learning perspectives in our schools.

If you'd like to make a difference and join the Programme give us a call on 011 520 7168 or e-mail [email protected].